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In 2015 The Tree of Life Centre was given a complete redesign and we asked our visitors what they thought of the new layout. Here are their responses.

• Love the new look
• Good work to all
• Looks great 🙂
• Like ladies clothing since it’s been put out with nice clothes
• Much better and more organised. Thank you 🙂
• More organised, great staff
• Much better 🙂
• Lovely things and lovely staff
• Everything flows better!
• U work so hard all of you!
• I think the new layout looks amazing
• Much more customer friendly. We love it, we’ll be back!
• Quite impressive!
• Great new layout
• Rooms look great. Nice clean building. Shop manager is amazing
• Love it!!! Love it!
• Fab layout + cool staff
• It’s okay
• Calm + fresh
• Very nice


I would like to thank all of the staff at the Tree of Life.. Having worked all of my life supporting my children and paying my mortgage I never imagined that at 42yrs old my job would help to permanently disable me.. Changing my life for ever and taking away my ability to work and earn a living, but it did. It is no exaggeration to say I completely depend on the service offered at the centre. I have no funds to go out in the normal world and replace household items, I just cannot afford it. I turn to the centre again and again for these needs the latest item I purchased was a low bed. I needed my stick to get in and out of my bed and last year tore ligaments in both legs simply getting up. I now have a beautiful low leather look bed that is much easier for me.. I have purchased clothes, a table and chairs, I have also managed to pick up gadgets that help with my disability’s in the kitchen. The benefits of the service offered by the centre could never be under estimated. Most days I cannot move to leave the house, but on the days that I can the first place I want to go is the centre, it serves many needs. It is my retail therapy, but also I enjoy chatting to the staff who are wonderfully helpful and eager to chat and listen, I can have a coffee and meet people and join the real world again for a couple of pleasant hours, and there are now many other services on offer yoga, massage, advise and friendship.. This is an amazing resource for the people of Wythenshawe and I cannot thank the staff enough, many of whom are unpaid volunteers. What a wonderful service. Thank You all so much for you time and your care !!! .”
Vicky Fell, local resident, Newall Green

Lyndsey Grundy, Tenancy Support Officer at Parkway Green Housing Trust, explains: “Tree of Life helps us to support our most vulnerable tenants by providing them with items such as a sofa or double bed, to furnish their homes to a decent standard.

“As the charity has been so supportive of our residents throughout the years, we wanted to help it expand so that even more people in the community could benefit from its good work. Knowing they needed cash to grow the service, we told them about Procure Plus and how we could help them access the ‘Sense of Place’ scheme.” Read the whole article HERE

In 2005, Community Northwest wrote;

“The Tree of Life Centre in Wythenshawe fulfils a number of needs in Woodhouse Park, one of the most deprived areas of Manchester, working mostly with the disadvantaged and elderly.

“Like many community centres, it operates in a building that is not purpose built, which presents some difficulties but like many such places, gives it a character that some purpose built centres lack. The café provides not just hot drinks and snacks but a place where those who might otherwise be isolated to find some company. There are a number of tables placed together in a line and there is a volunteer at each end so that anyone arriving alone will have someone to talk to when they sit down with their “cuppa”. Not only that, the café shares a space with the Community Shop, and the same volunteers are on hand to assist anyone wanting to buy. “ Read the whole story from Community Northwest HERE
– Please be aware that this is an archive feature and some services may have since changed or been discontinued.

Cash Grants to Improve Residential Areas
Example of a previous Cash grant – Tree of Life Centre
Manchester City Council describing how they felt The Tree of Life Centre Wythenshawe was deserving of a cash grant.

“The project started on the 9th June when we visited The Tree of Life Centre in Woodhouse Park. We found out that rather than sending old furniture such as sofas and beds to the tip you can contact the centre and they will collect them from you free of charge. Not only that, they then can sell these on to families in the area on low incomes and any profit is reinvested in the local community.”
– Students from Newall Green High. Read about there project HERE

“Opening up new horizons for people who are unemployed and suffering long-term poor mental health, the project will now be able to offer more volunteering opportunities to learn valuable new skills and help increase future employment prospects.”
The Big Lottery fund. To read the article, click HERE

Tree of Life Event A Huge Success
Parkway Green and many other agencies took part in first ever annual fun day at the Tree Of Life Centre on Greenbrow Road.

The centre hosted the event to help publicise the work it does and celebrate with all the partners involved in the project.

The Tree of Life is an organisation which operates out of two branches in the Wythenshawe area of South Manchester. They provide many valuable services to the local community, from health and wellbeing sessions to advice and friendship groups to.

They are probably best known for its furniture re-use shop, which is renowned for good quality stock at low affordable prices, giving people on pensions, benefits and low incomes the possibility of being able to buy the things they need that they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Operations Manager at the centre Colin Renshaw said, “I was very pleased to see our new centre being used to its full potential, we had kids getting their faces painted & enjoying the magician whilst their parents played on a JCB digger and won prizes on the tombola. The support we received from local businesses and organisations helped make our first Family Fun Day a huge success and we are particularly grateful to PGHT for helping us not only on the day but also since we opened here on Greenbrow Road.”

Parkway Green’s Resident Involvement Assistant Yvonne Hansen said “We were really pleased to take part in the day; it was a great opportunity for us to get out into the community and speak directly to our customers while also supporting the fantastic work of the Tree of Life Centre.”