Meet the Team

Our team consists of:


General Manager

Francess Davies-Tagoe
francess tagoe

Partnership Manager

Carys Roberts
carys roberts

Office Manager Michelle Swindells*
michelle swindells
Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Goodwin*
jennifer goodwin
IT Manager Clive  Stevens*
Head Chef Olu Okunowo*


Driver Kenny Hurst
Driver's Mate Aarron McCormick*
Driver's Mate Sam Walsh

Management Committee

Chair Eula Mesquita*
eula mesquita
Vice Chair Diane Eaton
diane eaton
Secretary/Treasurer Tony Smith
Members Elizabeth Jovanovic Jodi Hamilton
jodi hamilton
Heidi Wilson
heidi wilson
Alyx Gerrards
Alyx Gerrards


We are supported by over 70 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. If you would like to volunteer with us, CLICK HERE.

* Live locally